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Free Gospel Tracts is a project to make sure the Gospel/Bible Tracts is available for free in distribution format and in every language possible.

We want to equip soul winning saints to carry out the work of winning souls and give the opportunity for even the most introverted christian to do the work of the Lord by simply printing the tracts and posting them through doors or carrying out Gospel tracts distribution in city centres.

We are a non profit organisation and the people designing the gospel tracts do it because they want to serve the Lord in the way they can.

Our Gospel Tracts can be used by any private person or soul winning church.  We are always looking for saved believers to translate the gospel tracts into other languages. So please take a look at our translation project if you are able to help with this.

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Gospel Tracts Distributions

Help us spread the gospel and reach the lost where you are.


Our vision: We believe that we as soon approaching the time which the bible calls the tribulation period. With current world events, suicide and depression is rapidly increasing as people are losing their livelihoods and everything they have worked for. They are looking for answers, and more importantly a reason to keep on living.

That answer is Jesus Christ The Son of Living God.

What we do: We believe it is time to take what we do here at Free Gospel Tracts to the next level. Not only to provide free PDF gospel tracts, But to supply printed tracts to a group of dedicated Christians who want to join the fight for the souls of men and women. To catch those people who are desperately looking for answers before it is too late.

How you Join: Send us an email at info@freegospeltracts.org with the subject title Gospel tract distributor plus your location). We want to know a bit about yourself and where you intend to distribute the tracts. You also have to commit to distributing tracts twice a week at the times and dates specified on the advert. The reason we ask for this is to ensure commitment before you start. Also if we have multiple people going out at the same time, we also know to be praying for those people.

We will send you free gospel tracts to hand out. Once those tracts finish we will send you more. The tracts we send out will be the Normal evangelical salvation tracts (in your respective languages) and the mark of the beast tracts. You must hand these two out at the same time.

List of Countries we ship to: We only ship to specific countries. Not all countries. For a list of countries we ship to click here 

If you want more information about this before you start, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Mark 16:15
“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

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Free Gospel Tracts

Free gospel tracts and Bible tracts for free download and reprint in over 60 languages. Eye catching and thought provoking tracts using KJV version.

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Are you a saved Christian and fluent in other languages. Please prayerfully consider helping us translate our tracts to further the Gospel of the Kingdom. We are specifically looking for people to translate our Mark of the Beast gospel tract.

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