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Free Gospel Tracts is a project to make sure the Gospel/Bible Tracts is available for free in distribution format and in every language possible.

We want to equip soul winning saints to carry out the work of winning souls and give the opportunity for even the most introverted christian to do the work of the Lord by simply printing the tracts and posting them through doors or carrying out Gospel tracts distribution in city centres.

We are a non profit organisation and the people designing the gospel tracts do it because they want to serve the Lord in the way they can.

Our Gospel Tracts can be used by any private person or soul winning church.  We do not require any donations, but we are always looking for saved believers to translate the gospel tracts into other languages. So please take a look at our translation project if you are able to help with this.

Download the bible in PDF Format. Download KJV BIBLE in PDF

Download The Bible

The word of God is precious. Secure other ways of getting the word of God by downloading and saving the PDF KJV bible on a USB stick. You may not always be able to carry your bible around but you will always to have it electronic format wherever you find yourself.

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Free Gospel Tracts

Free gospel tracts and Bible tracts for free download and reprint in over 60 languages. Eye catching and thought provoking tracts using KJV version.

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Soul Winning


Are you a saved Christian and fluent in other languages. Please prayerfully consider helping us translate our tracts to further the Gospel of the Kingdom. We are specifically looking for people to translate our Mark of the Beast gospel tract.

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