Please contact us if you have further questions and we will be more than happy to help.

How are your tracts translated?

Our tracts are translated by believers who are native speakers of different languages. We have outsourced some of our tracts to christian translation companies and others are translated by believers in our circle.

What bible versions do you use?

We use older bible versions such as the AKJV in the English language and its correspondences  in the other languages if they are made available to us.

We are against the modern bible versions that removes whole verses or change words to dilute the strength and meaning of the Word of God. An example of this is the missing verse in Acts 8:37 in most modern bibles. The removal of this verse eliminates Belief on the Lord Jesus Christ as a prerequisite to baptism.

Who can join your gospel outreach events?

We allow any saved bible believing Christian (who believe in salvation by grace through faith alone) to join us on the outreach events. The commandment to go into all the world to preach the gospel was made to to all believers regardless of their denomination. All we ask is that you send us an email introducing yourself and to share your salvation testimony with us.

Are you affiliated with any other organisation?

Free Gospel Tracts is an independent non profit organisation with no affiliations to any other groups or churches.

Can you print the tracts for us?

In general, we only provide the resources in PDF format for download and self print. However, should you require assistance with this, we are more than happy to help you in this area so please do feel free to contact us at

Can you design bespoke tracts?

We are able to design tracts specific for your church should you need this. We offer this free of charge to churches running less than 50 in the congregation as a way of being a blessing.

Unfortunately we cannot offer this to larger churches. We do want any payment to change hands within this organisation, therefore we would suggest looking for companies who can design tracts for larger churches.

Please note that it can take up to two weeks to complete your tract design depending on other commitments we have.