Apostasy is alive and thriving. Many churches no longer preach the meat of the Word or even require their church members to live a holy separated life from the world.

The name it and claim it, watered down preaching and feel good ‘christian’ churches are swelling in size by day whilst Bible believing, Bible based, fundamental independent churches are shrinking in numbers.

Even in these last days, there is a remnant of believers who have not bowed the knees to Baal and are hungry for the old time religion. Bible believing, Bible Preaching, Fundamental, Independent, Separated, KJV churches in the UK 

We have compiled a list of churches that we think are preaching the fundamentals of faith and the meat of the word. We may not agree fully with their doctrines or necessarily endorse the church but we believe that attending one of these churches is better than the name it claim it,  charismatic churches or not attending church at all (which the Lord commands that we do in Hebrews 10:25)

We believe that the KJV bible is the uncompromising Word of God in the English language. All the listings must therefore be KJV Churhes 

The types of Churches listed here are: Gospel Halls ( Brethren Churches), Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches, Independent Evangelical Churches and Reformed Churches.

This list is a working progress. You can also add your own church for Free if it meets the criteria.  Otherwise please be patient and we will add your church when we get to it.

Independent / Fundamental/ Bible Believing, KJV Churches UK

Independent, fundamental, bible believing, bible believing baptist churches in the UK. Gospel hall brethren churches,

Post Trib Churches UK, KJV Churches UK, IFB Churches UK,

 Independent Baptist /  Hertfordshire / 103 views / Most Viewed

 Independent Baptist /  Bath / 42 views

 Independent Baptist /  London / 94 views / Most Viewed

 Brethren (Gospel Halls) /  Oxfordshire / 21 views