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Welcome to Alconbury Independent Baptist Church We are a group of people who are saved by the grace of God through the finished work of...

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Baldock Baptist Church is an independent church formed January 2006. Our outreach Sunday School began in 2001, and our six classes meet every week at...

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ABOUT THE BATH BIBLE INSTITUTE Seedling We started the BBI because we are frustrated by the fact that not one Church in the area believes...

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Belvidere Road Church is a fellowship of Christian people who are joined together by their faith in, and love for, the Lord Jesus Christ. We...

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Presenting Christ Crucified Risen Coming Again Independent Baptist, Authorised Version of the Bible( KJV) Premillennial, Great Hymns of the Faith Evangelistic, Through the Bible Preaching...

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Strict Baptists form a distinct group among the many interwoven strands of the Baptist denomination. The Church in Kensington Place was built in 1866 for...

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A King James (KJV), Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church. Our desire is for people to be Born Again, trusting the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal...

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We are a Bible-believing church in the village of Broadstone in Poole, Dorset, on the South Coast of England. We open for Bible school 7:15pm...

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BIBLE BELIEVERS FELLOWSHIP We regard our fellowship as a local body of Christian Believers and use the term “Bible Believers Fellowship” as a title to...

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The singular purpose of Bible Truth Baptist Church is summed up with our name, Bible Truth. The focal point of all Bible Truth is that...

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About the Chippenham 'Old Baptist' Chapel The 'Old Baptist' Chapel is a Strict Baptist church. The word strict means that it is our church order...

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Faith Baptist Church is an Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing Baptist Church. Hours Sunday School - 10:00am Morning Service - 11:00am Evening Service - 6:30pm

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